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MLS Publication Request

As a member of New and Modern you have access to multiple MLS systems to maximize the exposure of your listings!  To access these systems you are not currently a member of, we charge a flat rate fee of $145 per MLS system that we publish to.  Note this is only applicable to those MLS systems that you are not currently a member of, and that the office holds an active membership in.  Please also be aware that this also requires an additional contracts to be signed by your clients with the broker's name as the representative agent in order to ensure that we are compliant with all participating MLS policies.  For more information or questions about submitting a listing for distribution with this program, please contact your broker Brent at,

  1. Participating Agents MUST have a separate exclusive listing agreement between their broker and the seller for all MLS's they are not a member of.

  2. Participating Agents are required to provide their broker with accurate information about the listing, including all applicable MLS forms. 

  3. Any updates. changes or cancellations, including status updates and price changes MUST be immediately communicated to the broker so that listings can be updated in accordance with the MLS policies/term of use.

Please select which MLS systems you would like us to publsh to

Thank you for your request. Please allow 24 hours for your Broker to review. This submission does not guarantee publication, as all submissions are reviewed prior to confirmation.

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