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Welcome to New and Modern, a pioneering force in the realm of real estate.

We are a Luxury Technology Brokerage designed for those seeking unparalleled success and flexibility, with maximum profitability. Our mission is to provide our members with unparalleled customer service, exclusive access to state-of-the-art systems, a revolutionary 100% commission model built on referrals and lead generation, and a culture of support, collaboration, and respect.

At New and Modern, our agents are renowned for their dynamism, professionalism, and innovation, and our systems give them a formidable array of proprietary tools and techniques that ensures clients receive service and results beyond compare.  Our brokerage is fiercely committed to crafting cutting-edge systems and tools, positioning our agents as the most knowledgeable, informed, and competitive professionals in their respective markets. In doing so, we empower them to be entrepreneurs, elevate their earnings and cultivate flourishing businesses, brands, and teams. 

Central to our success is a culture of communication and collaboration. Through hyper-connected brokers and direct peer chat channels, our agents enjoy seamless connectivity, ensuring immediate access to address their needs. We believe that fostering this environment is essential for a collaborative and forward-thinking culture, enabling agents to grow and succeed.  At New and Modern, we strive to provide our agents with the pinnacle of service and platforms available in the industry. Our commitment is clear: to maximize your profitability while immersing you in the enriching and collaborative culture that defines our offices.

Join us at New and Modern, where professionalism meets technology, and your future growth begins.

Full Overview of Our Agent Benefits.

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The Virtual Office Done Right.

Our always available 24/7 virtual office is designed to provide the same experience as walking into an office (day or night), and being able to interacting with your fellow agents, brokers, and peers, while still offering maximum convenience, access, and flexibility for you.

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New and Modern designed its digital ecosystem around the concept of being “Always connected” and “Always Available”.  Through live video, audio and text streams, we ensure that our team can connect, collaborate, share and grow together regardless of their skill level or geography.

Agent Groups.

Our Agent Portal offers Groups that Agents can join to expand their connections and learn about or share things that interest them.  Groups make it easier for Agents to find what they need, or network with their peers for help, support or mentorship. 

Join a Group 

Join group to learn, connect, collaborate and explore with other agents. 

Start a Group

Build a following, become a mentor or just raise a relevant topic by starting a new group to share relevant experiences, successes and questions.

Learn with Others

Collaborate with highly experienced agents that you otherwise wouldn't have access to in a traditional office setting.  


Interested in Joining

We've streamlined the entire process.   Joining New & Modern Brokerage is incredibly easy and an application can be completed within a matter of minutes. 

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